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An all time favourite. Souvenir's has always had the best & latest toys in the city. Also, excellent management and staff. Highly recommended.

Husayn Kopty

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All types of toys and school accessible are available....many items are on discounted price.

Dr. Pooja Mantri

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This place is a mini heaven for any one who has a hobby of collecting toys and also for parents looking to buy their kids cool toys. They have a nice variety of toys for sale and I have purchased a few items from them in the past. Mostly diecast models and a couple of WWE action figures

Abbas Dhinojwala

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Loved the place, the staff guides you the things and board games you can buy. They have the latest stuff and the expertise

Swati Negi

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I have been going to Souvenirs for some years now. It's a toy and stationery paradise. They might at times not have what you are looking for but they make up for it by showing you something else. The staff is helpful and courteous. And most importantly they are nice to children. They never hesitate to show toys and always speak happily.

Jenaisha Pereira

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Whenever I see this shop I get nostalgic go back in my childhood very fond memories of this place got my first teddy bear from here 1st video game cycle car game excellent choices a little bit pricey but there staff disappoints me not the same politeness like before

Faiz Shaikh